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Garanti Investment Trust Inc. was registered on July 9, 1996 and established in Istanbul with TL 250.000 capital.

 The goal of the company is to operate the portfolio of the gold and other precious metals traded on the domestic and international stock markets or on the organized street markets by means of the capital market instruments, only if not dominating the capital and the management of the partnerships purchased by the company, within the framework of the principles and rules of the relevant regulation.
Garanti Investment Trust Inc., within the scope of this goal:
a) Forms, manages the partnership’s portfolio and makes changes in the portfolio when required.
b) Distributes the portfolio diversification to be able to minimize the investment risk at the very least, by the activity fields and the status of the partnerships.
c) Monitors the developments regarding the stocks and shares, financial markets and corporations, partnerships and takes the necessary precautions about the portfolio management.
d) Makes researches towards holding and increasing the value of portfolio.

The shares of Garanti Investment Trust Inc. has been offered to public on November 1996, at the rate of 80% and 99,70% of it has been traded on Borsa Istanbul  (“BIST”)  by August  05, 2013.

The head office of Garanti Investment Trust Inc. is in Istanbul, its registered capital by the date of September  30, 2018 is TL 100,000,000, its issued capital is TL 35,000,000 and its number of employees is 9.

Our Company is traded with code: GRNYO, its indexes included in are: BIST ALL(XUTUM) / -BIST CORPORATE MANAGEMENT (XKURY)/ -BIST  STOCK EXCHANGE INVESTMENT TRUST (XYORT)