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Regular Public Disclosure Form


DATE OF PUBLIC OFFER: 09/07/1996 Investment Purpose / Strategy              

  Partnership Structure

(Filled in for the partners having more than 1% share)

From:28/02/2020 on,

the goal of the COMPANY within the scope of the principles and rules is to run the portfolio of the gold and other precious metals traded on the domestic and international stock exchanges or on the street markets, by the regulation of the market instruments: The COMPANY within the bounds of this goal:

a) Forms, manages the portfolio of the partnership and makes changes in the portfolio when required.

b) Distributes the portfolio diversification to be able to minimize the investment risk at the very least, by the activity fields and the status of the partnerships.

c) Monitors the developments regarding the stocks and shares, financial markets and corporations, partnerships and takes the necessary precautions about the portfolio management.

d) Makes researches towards holding and increasing the value of portfolio.


Threshold Value of Portfolio: BIST-KYD Monthly TL Deposit Index +%1

Investment Strategy of the Portfolio: Based on the portfolio net asset value, the minimum and maximum limits for the assets and transactions that may be included in the portfolio are shown in the following table:



Garanti Investment Partnership Inc. Investment Restrictions

Time Deposit (TL)/ Participation Account (TL)



Public and/or Private Sector Debt Instruments



Public and/or Private Sector Lease Certificate



Foreign Public and/or Private Sector Debt Instruments (Eurobond)



Share Certificate



Reverse Repurchase



Takasbank Exchange Money Market






Stock Exchange Mutual Fund, Mutual Fund Participation Shares, Foreign Exchange Mutual Fund



Foreign Partnership Interest



Gold and Other Precious Metals and capital market instruments exported based on these metals



Hyphotec and Asset Guaranteed Securities




Providing not to exceed the upper limits that determines the maximum amount of investment and within the framework of principles determined by the Board, to protect the portfolio from risks and/or for investment purposes, derivative instruments, warrants and certificates based on foreign exchange, precious metals, interest, financial indices and capital market instruments may be included from domestic and foreign stock markets, and for risk protection, forward and swap transactions based on foreign exchange may be included from over-the-counter markets.

The sum of the investments made to the investment enterprise certificates with the investment enterprise and partnership warrants cannot exceed 10% of the net asset value. In addition, the warrants issued by a single issuer and the sum of investment enterprise certificates cannot exceed 5% of the net asset value.

A credit amount of up to %20 of the equity capital amount of annual financial statements for the last accounting period announced to the public sector may be used, or by means of staying within the same limits, bonds may be issued under the capital market legislation. An amount of up to 10% of the fair value of assets, that may be subject to repurchase transactions in the portfolio, can be repurchased in the over-the-counter market.

Up to 10% of the net asset value, investment on reverse repurchase agreements can be done in over-the counter.

In the case of being party to over-the-counter repo-reverse repurchase contracts; the contractual rate, the interest rate, the counterparty, and the counterparty's rating note will be announced in PDP (Public Disclosure Platform) within the business day following the latest date of the contract.

Due to all transactions that create leverage on the portfolio, the exposed amount of open position cannot exceed the net asset value.

Measured at 99% confidence interval, in observation period of 250 business days and day-old holding period, the ratio of the portfolio absolute value at risk (VAR) to net asset value cannot exceed 1,5%.


 Name/Surname or

Commercial Name

Participation Share Amount

Participation Rate
Partnership Total Value:




 Garanti Securities Inc.




Value Per Unit Share: 1,1495

If any, Portfolio Manager/Investment Consultant Corporation Commercial Name:

Garanti Portfolio Management Inc.
 Public Part and the Other 33.735.400,1 %96,39
Weighted Average Price Traded on BIST: 1,50 Toplam 35.000.000,00 100,00
Asset Allocation %          Prime Contract (Please Click Here) BOARD MEMBERS AND GENERAL
- Stock certificates


Registration Statement and Circular (Please Click Here)  NAME SURNAME TITLE
- Government Bond %0,14 Financial Statements (Please Click Here) M.Reha Tanör

Chairman of the Board/General Manager

(Curriculum Vitae)

Private Sector Bond       %12,15 Declarations of Special Condition (Please Click Here) Zeki Şen

  Board Member

(Curriculum Vitae)


Eurobonds %14,87
Takasbank Stock Market Money Market %17,89
 Other %44,42
Total % 100,00 Activity Report (Please Click Here) Mahmut Kaya

 Board Member
(Curriculum Vitae)


  General Assembly (Please Click Here) Piraye Erdem


 Board Member

    Osman Nezihi Alptürk


 Board Member


The Information done in accordance with the date of 13.04.2006 and the decision no. 18/452 of Capital Market Board

Stock Broker:     Garanti Investment Stocks and Bonds Inc.,,T.Garanti Bank Inc.
Term:    January-March 2017  April-June 2017  January-June 2017 July-September 2017 January-September 2017 October-December 2017

 January-December 2017

The Amount of Paid Commission (TL): 11.238 12.504 23.742 0 0 0 0
The Rate of the Commission Amount to Average Written Down Value (%): 0,0318 0,0354 0,0672 0 0 0 0
Commission Amount Paid for the Stock Certificate (TL):              6.593 3.412 10.005 0 0 0 0
The Commission Amount Paid for SGMK (stock certificate, bond, reverse repo (O/N)) (TL): 2.391 4.513 6.904 0 0 0 0
VOB and other  – Commission Amount Paid for the Index Contract (TL): 2.254 4.579 6.833 0 0 0 0

Avarage net asset value 

35.303.679 35.278.170 35.295.644 0 0 0 0

Commission Rates (%)

Purchase and Sale of Stock Certificate: 0,04
Purchase and Sale of Bonds and Bills:    0,001
BPP (Daily):         -
Reverse Repo (O/N):    0,0005
Reverse Repo (Future):               0,0005
VOB – Index Contract:  0,0105
Foreign Currency Securities -
Precious Metal 0,3

Servicing Company:        Garanti Portfolio Management Inc.-Garanti Fund Administration 
Term: January-March 2017



 January-June  2017  July-September 2017 January-September  2017 October-December 2017  January-December 2017
The Amount of Portfolio Management Wage (TL) 74.335 73.987 148.322 0 0 0 0
Accounting, Operations and Risk Management System Wage (TL) 2.655 2.655 5.310 0 0 0 0
The Rate of Portfolio Management Wage to the Average Written Down Value (%) 0,21807 0,2173 0,4353 0 0 0 0


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