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Human Relations



While the recruitment policies are formed and career planning is done in the Garanti Investment Trust Inc., the principle of providing equal opportunity with the individuals on the equal conditions is conformed punctiliously. The personnel’s selection to fulfill   the need for manpower requirement as a result of the vacant or newly added positions, to allow the continuity of the business, to adopt its goals and to show the features of the specified job require, is executed within the scope of the orientation and the systems where their testing period is specified. Job application forms and the statement of employment and procedures are available, are updated occasionally in accordance with the developments.


For all the rights provided with the employees are treated fairly, Training programs and policies are formed and implemented in order to enhance the employees’ knowledge, skill and manners.
In order to help the personnel working for Garanti Investment Trust Inc. be more effective and productive in the tasks they accomplish, detecting, planning and implementing their training needs are organized by the Training Regulations. Orientation Training is given to the newcomers. The personnel’s and the requests of their related departments’ supervisors are evaluated. Depending on the training program, research of internal and external, domestic or international appropriate trainings and by planning them, directing the related individuals to the training sessions is fulfilled for the employees. Evaluation of the trainings taken by the personnel and their capability control are given importance.

Other Topics

Our company with the responsibility of its location in the market, its reputation and its goal of sustainable success, as per the value gives to its personnel, pays particular attention to bring into action by measuring the satisfaction and commitment levels, by supporting individual improvements, by forming activity plans, to enhance personnel policies. 


Disciplinary regulations are formed in order to allow the company activities to be executed as it should be, and to allow the company benefits to be protected. Company's internal regulations, guidelines or other applicable laws, decisions and regulations, both inside and outside the company in the state of unfulfilled tasks, of doing the prohibited works, of exceeding authorities or on the other required conditions, the information on how to implement the specified disciplinary penalties is shared transparently and are taken into consideration by